Todd Against The Machine

About Todd Against the Machine

Todd Against the Machine is a three-part web documentary project about the inspirational life, journey and wisdom of Todd Stabelfeldt.

At the age of eight, Todd became a C4 quadriplegic after he was accidentally shot by his young cousin when they were playing with an antique rifle that was left lying around his house. In spite of this incredibly tragic event, Todd’s story has been one of continued growth and achievement. College graduate, successful businessman and entrepreneur, mentor and public speaker. These are accomplishments by any standards but sadly they are virtually unheard in the quadriplegic community.

The purpose of the project is to share Todd's story with the world. His single minded quest for independence in the face of “The Machine”, a seemingly unending series of obstacles and challenges put up by the healthcare system, government policies, social prejudices, and the very machines he must depend on to keep him alive. The films will take the viewer through a series of emotional stories that document Todd’s internal and external journey from fear and vulnerability, to recognition and acceptance, and ultimately, to a place of responsibility and unbounded love.

For a glimpse into Todd’s world, here’s a short film by documentary filmmaker Mark McKnight.

Our hope is that through sharing Todd’s extreme story and profound insights, we can all learn how better meet our own challenges and obstacles, the Machines we face in our daily lives. In addition to the films, the website will allow viewers to share their stories, ask Todd questions and allow organizations to book Todd as a public speaker.

If you are interested in learning more or contributing to this project's development, please contact us.